How did Crescent Geek Start?

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Well, when two nerds love each other very much….they share their passion for geek stuff with the world!
Crescent Geek was founded by a husband and wife team in Maple Ridge, BC, and is currently based in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The couple is committed to gathering up all of the best quality, most fun, and fully licensed merchandise in one convenient location online. They strive to find all the finest items that will bring out your loudest fan girl squeal. Life is too short, so go ahead, get excited, buy that thing, and flaunt your inner geek like you’re down to party with Captain Picard.

Jessica & Craig

Craig and Jessica are the founders of Crescent Geek. A long, long time ago, they met on a cold, snowy Friday the 13th in January. They bonded over their similar sense of humour, their love of cats, and their affection for video games. Now, while raising tiny human gamers of their own, they enjoy family hikes, playing make-believe with their kids, and of course, running Crescent Geek. They are both driven, and goal focused individuals. That being said, neither of them takes life too seriously. They live by the philosophy that life is about getting as much joy out of it as possible. Even better if they can bring happiness to others, too.

Phoenix and Bob

They really had very little to do with the creation of Crescent Geek, and have even less to do with the day to day operations. They are both cats.